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Perhaps you already have taken a “home pregnancy test” and it was positive. It could be that you are not really pregnant. We recommend that you visit our center to get a urine pregnancy test to confirm you are really pregnant. We provide a urine test free of charge as a service to women.

A trained pregnancy center counselor can provide additional information relevant to your situation. All of our services are free and confidential.

It is possible that the abortion clinic may provide you with incorrect information in order to obtain your abortion fee. Carol Everett is a woman who used to provide abortion services in Texas. She testified in Congress that she sold abortions to women who were not pregnant but feared they were.

For the best medical input on abortion, we recommend you speak with a medical professional who has nothing to gain from your abortion decision. We can provide you with a referral to a free confidential ultrasound from which to confirm pregnancy and answer your medically related questions.

This non-diagnostic ultrasound can tell you approximately how many weeks you are into the pregnancy. This service, provided by a medical professional, may aid you in making this important decision.

Should you discover that you are pregnant, you do have many choices. The following pages on our site will give you more information on your options:

Choosing Parents

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